• November 21, 2019

Lemay proudly accepted the 2019 Stephen R. Kellert Biophilic Design Award for its Montreal office, The Phenix, from the International Living Future Institute (ILFI) in Atlanta, GA, last night.

Named for the late scholar and Yale University social ecologist, the award recognizes achievements in the built environment that demonstrate Kellert’s understanding of the human/nature connection. The Phenix won in the Interior/Renovation category: according to the jury, it ‘shines for its environmental performance-based strategies and its incorporation of biophilic design elements to create an inviting and inspirational workplace.’

‘I know first-hand what biophilic design can do for people’s energy and well-being, because I work at the Phenix myself every day, along with 300 other people,’ said Lemay Sustainability Director Hugo Lafrance in accepting the award.

‘From the very beginning, we wove biophilic design into the architecture, the interior design, the choice of materials, the identity of the Phenix, from the natural patterns in our carpets to our green plant room.’



When Lemay decided to move into the formerly abandoned warehouse, it made a clear choice to go as far as possible to guarantee the building’s efficient use of resources, to promote green transportation, to enhance occupants’ health and wellness and to inspire Lemay employees with a connection to nature.

That connection translates into indoor climbing plants, a green room and living wall; abundant natural light and views of trees and vegetation in the linear park next to the building; works of art and healthy nutrition offerings; and, among other biophilic elements, a mixed ventilation system with operable windows and a fresh-air supply system.

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