Integrating the notions of fluidity, community and identity to generate innovative solutions for our clients.

In this constantly evolving market, we provide solutions for all the new ways in which private and public spaces are being used and intertwined. We bring our trans-market experience and our transdisciplinary approach to design a unique identity for each building that will contribute to the dynamism of urban life to create active cities.

In mixed-use projects, as with projects in all sectors, we add value to all components by relying on our different level of expertise and our fully inclusive service offer.

Lead contacts

Andre Cardinal

Senior Partner

Robert Fiorino

Chief Marketing Officer

René Hubert

Director, Business Development, International

Our living spaces market leaders

Joanne Godin

Design Director, Architecture

Andrew King

Design Principal

Summit residential complex


M sur la Montagne heritage residences

Holiday Inn Downtown Brooklyn

Bassins du Havre

Tour des Canadiens residential tower