Designing ahead of the curve

Designing ahead of the curve

Big cities are filled with rectangular office spaces. Each office will, at the very least, be welcoming to clients and serve employees on a functional level. For Lemay Toronto Office, designing an average office was never an option. The space needed to communicate style, showcase design skill, and emanate the firm’s core values at every turn.

All the aforementioned boxes were ticked with the conception and construction of a unique and central statement piece: a handcrafted, ribbon-like wooden partition, visible upon very first entry into the space. Manufactured in-house out of modular Baltic birch plywood panels, flat and curved, the ribbon both welcomes and intrigues. Its curved shape softens the rectangular space, defines various work areas, and most importantly defines the essence of Lemay through design.

The unique space works for sprints, charrettes, and client meetings, but also functions as an unconventional boardroom. Thanks to a three-point cable system, certain panels may be removed to open the space for large groups to assemble or allow any other special events or activities. The space is enclosed in an original manner, with several possible arrangements and configurations, its walls seemingly inviting clients and partners into the design process. This is yet another way that the firm communicates its open and collaborative spirit without saying a word.The interior reveals innovative features like a hidden touchscreen for presentations, collaborative sketching, and a hinged door which opens the inner space to public collaboration. What’s more, thanks to a strong desire for flexibility and future evolution, the entire ribbon was designed to be moved and reassembled offsite.

Once this statement piece was established, it became the heart of the surrounding interiors, with dark, desaturated hues amplifying its presence. Track lighting was also put in place to create a smoke-and-mirrors effect embracing and augmenting the object.

The new office is now a unique, vibrant and flexible space that draws people in and clearly defines Lemay’s unique brand and design offering. By introducing the modular ribbon, the Toronto team has thrown a curve ball at traditional office design.