The largest automated public transport project in North America

The largest automated public transport project in North America

The transdisciplinary team drew on its remarkable creativity and deep understanding of practical, social and environmental issues, to propose this exceptional architectural project.Thoughtful and ambitious, the Réseau Express Métropolitain (REM) will offer residents and visitors efficient and sustainable mobility options across Greater Montreal. With 67 km and 26 stations, the REM will quickly get passengers downtown, to the South Shore, the North Shore, the West Island and the Airport.

The REM’s architectural and landscape concepts will transform the cityscape of Greater Montreal.

The team began by developing the Charter of Infrastructure Design and Urban Integration. This guide lays out the principles for integrating the stations and their immediate surroundings with each neighbourhood’s characteristics, while leaving room to create unifying design elements that will ensure a coherent signature throughout the network.

The largest integrated urban design project in the history of Montreal.

The landscape along the network’s route will offer a sustainable and diverse ecosystem, connected by what will become a green and exemplary urban continuum.

Follow the project’s live progress.