A floating architectural concept of oases and stepping sky gardens

A floating architectural concept of oases and stepping sky gardens

Inspired by clouds and mirages drifting above the desert, this proposed architectural design composed of stepping terraces breaks apart and reshapes the concept of a resort into an explorable series of human-scaled oases, unique views of the Gulf and Dubai skyline, and unparalleled residential experiences.

The Mist’s three iconic buildings are linked by cantilevered bridges to create one mesmerizing form of undulations which give a sense of porosity and lightness. Shaped into a massive oceanside crescent encircled by a waterfront promenade, its multiple stacked levels of apartments, penthouses, amenities, and sky terraces build off one another. Inclined structural columns, inspired by the grace and strength of the legs of resident flamingos, support its seamless glass façades while maximizing sightlines and reflecting the surrounding water.

The landscape design strategy is based on creating a sense of arrival with cascading greenery, waterfalls, and towering palms. Through its entry grove, the proposed project’s core invites visitors into a green inner circle of water features ranging from streams and beach pools to jet fountains and waterplay areas—all mediated by lush plant life, canopies, and cabanas.

A remarkable biophilic place connected to nature, water, and art with bird-safe exteriors which cut heat gain from solar radiation, the Mist would reduce its carbon footprint through energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. Passively ventilated by coastal winds with water features for thermal comfort against its hot and dry climes, the concept adapts to its environment while evading its extreme conditions and exposures.

Appearing as though it were a ship of gardens in the sky gliding through its city, this concept for the Mist is a dynamic composition of fluid façades and serene moments, like a drop of water beaded on the sands of the Arabian Desert.