• February 15, 2018

It is our pleasure to officially announce the appointment of four new associates in our transdisciplinary team. Landscape architects and design directors Marie-Ève Parent and Patricia Lussier; architect and project director Michel Aubé; and project director Amro El Chabti is promoted to associate with the Lemay + Escobar team.

“These accomplished professionals have demonstrated their commitment to our firm’s collaborative values, and made significant contributions to the success of our clients’ projects,” said Louis T. Lemay, president and excellence facilitator. “Their appointments coincide with a key moment in our expansion – the awarding of large-scale mandates – and will strengthen our executive team.”

Amro is a highly versatile professional with over 15 years’ experience, who has managed several large-scale projects. Recognized for his rigorous approach to project management, Amro has confidently negotiated countless contracts and ably managed schedules and budgets. His gift for establishing strong relationships with stakeholders has greatly contributed to the long-term success and growth of the team.

A senior architect with more than 30 years of experience, Michel has worked on several high-profile projects requiring talented management. Since joining Lemay in 2015, Michel’s excellent leadership has stood out both internally and externally, as evidenced by the strong client relationships he has developed. He also works to find innovative solutions to clients’ design and construction challenges, hence his well-earned title as one of Lemay’s many “quality guardians.”

Patricia Lussier adopts a playful and contemporary approach to working as a landscape architect for Lemay. Her vision of the design process, and her profound interest for sustainable development, translate into resilience and a strong identity for each project. Having taken part in multiple transdisciplinary projects and proposals, Patricia has the rich professional experience required to sustain her artistic and conceptual approach.

Marie-Ève Parent has worked for the Lemay landscape architecture team for the past 15 years and is an expert in the field. Throughout her career, she has worked on numerous award-winning projects that have helped redefine the Montreal urban landscape. Creative and versatile, she brings winning solutions to the table and is particularly interested in projects with strong personalities and artistic value.