She transforms landscapes into evocative narratives of place and purpose

Patricia Lussier has over 20 years of experience in developing meaningful and sustainable public spaces. Her concepts embody the history and essence of each location, focusing on commemoration, conceptual interpretation, and identity enhancement, always aiming to design places for people to meet and flourish. Her collaborative approach to the ideation process and her keen interest in sustainability, biodiversity, inclusivity and social engagement infuse her projects with resilience and a strong sense of identity.

Pushing the limits and boundaries of the practice to assure each project is unique, her multidisciplinary background in urban design, landscape architecture, and architecture, coupled with her visionary approach and unwavering dedication, has led her to create designs that seamlessly integrate with the urban fabric and foster harmony and connection. Patricia’s work helps shape spaces like the Place des Montréalaises, Espace 67 and Montreal’s Nature Parks so that they may have an enduring impact on their surrounding and their users.

Place des Montréalaises

Espace 67 historic site renewal

Revitalization of three Montreal nature parks

REM – Réseau Express Métropolitain

Quebec City’s Eastern Shoreline Master Plan

Chemin-Qui-Marche Lookout