• January 23, 2024

Through energy intelligence, management and optimization, Fusion Énergie offers integrated solutions to the built environment market. By joining our team, its services cover buildings’ entire lifecycles from design to operation, with real-time energy performance monitoring and optimization.

Here are five things to learn about Fusion:

1. Fusion can reduce your energy bills and carbon emissions

Proven to reduce buildings’ energy bills by anywhere from 20% to 50% without having to change your building’s mechanical systems—and with an average ROI within 3 years—the Fusion EI platform not only uses less energy, but it also significantly reduces GHG emissions to keep decarbonization objectives on track.

In addition to these benefits, energy efficient buildings make for productive minds and bodies. Applying the Fusion EI platform can improve the comfort and well-being of users by ensuring a building’s electromechanical equipment is working at optimum efficiency.

2. Fusion’s helps you manage your buildings’ operations with energy intelligence

Combining technological innovation with operational know-how, Fusion’s energy intelligence (EI) platform realizes a building’s full potential according to its needs and existing electromechanical equipment.

It does this by integrating artificial intelligence and control algorithms into building operations through the Fusion EI platform. By identifying trends in data, it can generate energy consumption forecasts and anticipate the measures needed to reduce energy consumption.

By using the platform, any connected building is capable of self-management, self-diagnosis, and real-time optimizations of energy expenditures, as well as the comfort of its users. Coupled with automated alert management and 24/7 technical support from in-depth services provided by Fusion’s experts, its streamlined services not only anticipate clients’ needs, but optimally service them.

3. Fusion’s technology can be found in more than 300 buildings

The real-world benefits of Fusion’s energy intelligence solutions can be found in more than 300 buildings across Canada.

These range from commercial and institutional buildings to hotels, condominiums, rental properties, and private seniors’ residences, such as the Tour des Canadiens residential tower in downtown Montreal to the Plateau’s 333 Sherbrooke.

Have a look at Fusion’s website to see more projects and how much they’ve reduced their energy consumption.

4. Fusion is a pioneer in Québec

Founded in 1994, Fusion was one of the first companies in Québec to offer energy-saving and energy-control tools. Building a reputation for its delivery of optimal energy savings solutions to their clientele, Fusion’s experienced, multidisciplinary team’s energy intelligence solutions enabled greater real-time control and management of energy consumption.

Today, its integrated offer allows its team’s wide-ranging expertise to range from energy performance and control systems engineering to the installation, programming, commissioning and operation of electromechanical equipment. This creates added value for businesses and communities while improving people’s health and well-being through sustainable built environments.

5. Now a part of Lemay

After 30 years, Fusion’s operational and technical know-how in energy intelligence is now a part of our team’s offerings in sustainable design and NET POSITIVETM strategies.

Building off of Lemay’s experience in providing energy use simulations for its designs, the inclusion of Fusion’s services and technology amplifies what our architecture firm is capable of.

Our integrated services can be applied throughout a new or existing building’s lifecycle, from the initial stages of design to its daily operations. This can enable our clients to not only be more energy efficient, but more resilient and sustainable as well, all with a process and services which streamline decarbonization of the built environment.

Read more about Fusion joining Lemay.