• January 23, 2024

This union represents a major step towards the necessary decarbonization of buildings. By applying Fusion Énergie‘s operational and technical know-how to our expertise in sustainable design and strategies from NET POSITIVETM, we can bring a unique and integrated offering which covers the entire lifecycles of buildings from design to operations to market.

Together, we’ll provide tangible short- and long-term benefits for both new and existing building stock, including considerable reductions in energy costs and carbon footprints.

Active commitment to carbon neutrality

As 30% of all GHG emissions worldwide can be attributed to the building sector, reducing its energy consumption is an essential and economically viable way to achieve carbon neutrality and limit the impacts of climate change.

With Fusion’s combined energy intelligence and in-depth, personalized services, we are proud to take a major step forward in reducing energy consumption, improving natural and built environments, and promoting the well-being of occupants while creating added value for businesses, building owners, and communities.

“Combining the power of design with technological innovation will enable us to accelerate our efforts to decarbonize built environments. We’ve already carried out energy simulations at the conceptual stage of our design, but now with Fusion’s energy intelligence (EI), we will be able to monitor energy consumption proactively and measurably, make diagnoses, and offer appropriate responses in real-time throughout a building’s operation,” explains our President Louis T. Lemay.

For Daniel Sarrazin, president and founder of Fusion Énergie, “joining the Lemay team opens the door to extraordinary opportunities both for our firm and our employees. Among these opportunities, it allows us to extend the reach of our energy intelligence solutions to new markets. We couldn’t be happier to join a firm that embodies the same human and environmental values as we do.”

Learn more about Fusion’s IE solutions and what it can do for new and existing buildings.


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