• February 25, 2020

A place to stop and relax, the Bromont Summit Chalet is a new refuge for skiers and snowboarders to contemplate a naturally beautiful site and the vastness of Quebec’s Monteregian hills through generous fenestration.

Made up of an articulated white volume that hugs the shape of the summit, the chalet takes shape as a simple line underscoring the beauty of a grandiose mountain.

The result of a profound reflection on the relationship between landscape and architecture, the concept developed by Lemay not only preserves the integrity of the landscape but enhances the experience of users who can indulge their enthusiasm for the outdoors while remaining sheltered in a nest of warm, natural woods.

In addition to the chalet, the project designed by Lemay includes the attached chairlift and landing, maintenance vehicle garage and welcome pavilion for the ski resort that has enlivened the city at its foot for many years. With its seven welcoming slopes, Bromont has become the largest lit ski area in North America, giving it a unique status in the region.