We have experience and expertise in directing large-scale projects that benefit the community.

Our transdisciplinary expertise allows us to manage large-scale transportation projects and drive community transformation.

By planning interconnected solutions, we ensure each project is integrated with its network to best serve its neighbourhood and all users. We ensure spaces are safe and we implement compliant solutions that adapt to shifting transportation realities, using big data analysis, passenger simulations, spatial calibration, wayfinding and branding.

Lead contact

Jean-Francois Arcand

Corporate Market Leader

Our transportation market leaders

Jean-Francois Arcand

Corporate Market Leader

Pierre Larouche

Senior Partner

Stéphane Lecomte

Project Director

Bellechasse Transport Centre

Montreal-Trudeau International Airport Signature Program

Metropolitan Express Light Rail Network (REM)

Windsor Quad Skybridge

Montreal-Trudeau Airport International Terminal Expansion

Stinson Transport Centre